BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

More EBAY questioning ...

Again, looking for as much input as I can get on this situation from the "more seasoned eBayers" out there!

I "won" a set of 384 Pokemon Cards (my elder daughter's latest thing) which purported to have 60 rare cards (stars and holos). Now, most folks selling Pokemon Cards on eBay pull out the rare cards and sell them separately in 1-2 card lots, typically getting several dollars per (the priceguides list rare and holographic cards anywhere from $1.50 to $20.00 a pop), so my getting a set with 60 of these for my $10.50 winning bid was quite a coup. This is why I suspect that the seller is trying to weasel out of the sale!

Now, I would have already PayPal-ed off the money for this, except for the seller had not listed shipping costs, leaving the total sort of in limbo. Since "winning" this on Monday, I have directly e-mailed the seller twice, used the "request total" form and sent a note via the eBay mail system. So far, I have had ZERO response.

Unfortunately, the seller was brand new on eBay (registered on 8/15/03), so had no "track record" to protect, so just leaving nasty feedback would probably prove fruitless. I would like to report this to eBay, but I'm wondering how much time I should give the seller to communicate with me. The auction did end, after all, on a major holiday, so it IS possible that the seller is AFK on vacation and not just ignoring me!

What would you recommend in my position? I am fairly new to eBay myself (with only 7 feedback points), so I don't want to do anything that would spark a retalitory feedback attack. Should I give them a week to respond and then lodge a complaint? Needless to say, I would IDEALLY like to get the cards (as described), as Daughter #1 really really likes those shiny holographic Pokemon cards!

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