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OK ... I had my first big "WHAT THE FUCK!?" with the new LJ style ... I have been a bit spotty in remembering to go generate the 5 monthly invite codes that I get as a Permanent member ... however, it did cross my mind this morning, so I went looking for the link. And looking for the link. And searching every damn where for the motherfucking link.

In the OLD design, there was the "invite friends" (or some such) link right in the sidebar ... now, who fucking KNOWS where it is! I finally got to the right page by going into Help and the FAQ, but that is a HUGE pain in the ass. I still haven't found the link that would take me there from the new style, and I'm beginning to think it's not in there.

Anyway, since I'm such a nice guy, I'll pass along the direct link to that page (though it wouldn't be brain surgery to guess where it was) ... it's at ... see, now YOU don't have to go looking for it too.

Visit the BTRIPP home page!

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