BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

"Joule" is back up ... just in time!

For some reason, my "Friend of" list has been hemorrhaging of late (I've been being un-friended at pretty much a rate of one person a day!), which is what brought up my posting earlier about the tracking program. Well ... I'm happy to report that the program, "Joule" (, is back up ... which will save me hours of trying to figure out who's been outbound.

I was "pleased" to find that of the folks de-friending me over the past two days, half were journals that I didn't read (so they may have been just cutting out journals that had not reciprocated Friends List links), another was a guy with whom I'd had a bit of political dust-up with earlier in the year, and had removed all three of his journals form MY friends list (I was sick of reading his senseless liberal blithering), and he's down to having just ONE of his on-line personalities watching me.

Unfortunately, I'm a bit worried on another ... littlejohnnyp's journal is gone, and he was scheduled for some major surgery sometime around now. He'd posted one of his typical pic-behind-the-cut with no words just a day or so back, so there was no warning. I hope that he'll re-surface ... he had a lot of Chicago history that intersected with mine at several points.

Anyway ... thought I'd make a note that the "friend of" list tracker program was back up and working!

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