BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Oh, by the way ...

Not that anybody is likely to give a fuck about this ... but I actually wrote a poem yesterday! I had been writing again last year, but was dependent pretty much on my school schedule (it is amazing how much I need a regular schedule to be able to write!) on getting it done, and once I was out of school, there were no longer the nicely defined "gaps" which worked for fitting in writing, and thereby no writing! The last one I'd written had been in MARCH ... so that's one heck of a gap.

Daughter #1 and I were up all day at Dojo, first for her class, then for the class that she was assisting on, then "hanging out" for 3 hours waiting for the end-of-summer party there. It was nuts up there, as the neighborhood (Lincoln Square) was having the annual German-American fest, and with good weather, it was packed. #1 didn't want to go get lunch, so I slipped off to McDonalds and while there got the writing bug, and pulled out the notebook. See ... if I had a "lunch break" every day, I'd probably get more writing done ... my current "schedule-less schedule" is this amorphous grey continuum which has no compartmentalization, leaving me no "places" to write. Another reason to hope that somebody fucking hires me soon!

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