BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

So, you wanted some poems, eh?

OK ... so I got hassled about talking about poems and not showing them ... I went and did a VERY UNUSUAL thing for me, typed stuff up out of sequence! This, of course, did necessitate my creating a whole 2003 directory substructure in my "Poetry" folder, and digging up my various templates. And, if this was not enough, my system decided in the middle of it that it was not going to recognize there being a mouse ... requiring two reboots, some wire manipulation, and a lot of other pain-in-the-ass stuff (I really AM going to have to make the switch over to my new XP system soon!) ... but anyway, here's the two new poems:

                    INVARIABLE IN DEFEAT

                    no linearity
                    no retention
                    we fall so far
                    into these depths
                    that we are one
                    with the dark
                    we have merged
                    with the void

                    no matter what
                    we bring to bear
                    nothing shifts
                    from the abyss
                    not unchanging
                    but unable
                    to free ourselves
                    from this decline

                    I grow so tired
                    of the struggle
                    I am bled out
                    with nothing left
                    no act succeeds
                    in reaching light
                    all pulls us down
                    despite our fight

                    only stupidity
                    brings results
                    the precipice step
                    the sucker bet
                    the grasp at shadows
                    cruelly set
                    to lure us deeper
                    into the trap

                    doom's the theme here
                    and degradation
                    is the very stuff of life
                    how pitiful the hope
                    that this will ever change
                    that one thin line
                    which keeps us moving
                    against the killing tide

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2003 by Brendan Tripp


That was the one scribbled at McDonalds on Saturday while Daughter #1 was hanging out at Dojo ... this one was done on Tuesday, sitting in the rental car waiting for my appointment out with the career management folks in the wilds of suburbia:

                    AWASH IN HOPELESS DAY

                    only descent
                    only decay
                    there is no up
                    there is no light
                    we are twisted
                    and enchained
                    and discarded

                    how can we hope
                    when all trends deny
                    that there is promise
                    to any day?
                    how to believe
                    that we'd succeed
                    when all is a spiral
                    into doom?

                    our actions are empty
                    every motion
                    is countered
                    every step
                    slipping backwards
                    no matter our reach
                    all we can grasp
                    are phantasms

                    pointless striving
                    meaningless pain
                    we are lost in void
                    locked in gravities
                    crushing all
                    there is no fleeing
                    no escape
                    no chance to free

                    yet these dawns
                    roll like waves
                    each crashing,
                    stunning until
                    the next one breaks
                    dragging us lower
                    farther from home

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2003 by Brendan Tripp


Now, see ... aren't you sorry you asked? More depression and despair! It's too bad that the only "place I can write from" these days (well, for the past half dozen years, I'd guess) is from this totally angsted-out pit of doom. I used to have a bit broader palette of subject matter, but that seemed to die along with my ability to really believe that things were going to be anything but hellish for me in this incarnation.

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