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Spending time ... wasting days

Well ... we had one of those weekends ... barely made it to my keyboard. The only REAL "positive" is that I got an e-mail from a placement company that says they think they have an "opportunity" for me ... I am hoping hoping hoping that it's something that I'll want and feel comfortable with!

Saturday The Girls had their dental appointments, but The Wife was having to do overtime (after being out of the office on a "training assignment" all week), so I had to drag the little darlings up to the Tooth Fairy. Unfortunately, time got away from us, and the only way we were going to make it to the appointment was for us to get off the El at North & Clyborn and walk the 8 blocks or so up Clyborn (gee, thanks, CTA, for eliminating the Clyborn bus!), instead of going up to Fullerton, switching to the southbound side, catching the Brown Line back to Armitage (and possibly getting the Armitage bus). Of couse, with a 7 and and 3 year old this is not the "brisk stroll" it would be by oneself. In fact, for at least six blocks I was having to carry the VERY LARGE AND HEAVY aforementioned 3-year-old on my shoulders to keep up any pretence to an appointment-making pace (did I mention that the escalator was out at North & Clyborn, so I had already had to carry said child up about four stories to reach the street?). Anyway, we made the appointments, their teeth are fine, Daughter #1 had her whole head X-rayed and we didn't see any alien implants.

Next on my list of stuff to do was to take Daughter #2 (well, #1 too) next door to their pediatrician's office to see if somebody there could suggest something for the deep-in-the-lungs hacking up of phlegm that she goes into from time-to-time (it's like when I had pneumonia, but without any other symptoms). Unfortunately, we were again "on the clock", this time to get up to #1's Dojo class, so we sat and waitied for 20 minutes and eventually gave up. As it turned out, we could have hung out longer, but I had "brain smeared" #1's 1:45 class time into a 1:15 class time, so was running 30 minutes fast.

Once we gave up on getting any info from the doctors (and being right on the edge of not making class at 1:15pm), we headed off to the Armitage Brown Line stop. Now, this is only 4 blocks or so from their doctors (well, if you go through the back alleys to get from Clyborn to Armitage, otherwise it's closer to 6 or 7 blocks ... given the strange topography of diagonal and non-intersecting streets) but once again, Daughter #2 had to ride or it would have been ten times the time. Once again, I had to carry Ms. "Hi, I'm in the 99.99th percentile of height/weight for my age" up two flights of stairs to just make the train. Big relief to just make the train when one is "running behind".

So, we get up to Dojo and find out that we're a half hour early. STUPID DADDY. I also discovered that I had not connected with any of my "stuff" on the way out of the house with The Girls, so I didn't have useful things like The Wife's work phone number to be able to send out an S.O.S. ... this proved very unfortunate, as The Wife, who was supposed to have met us over there about 1:30, did not show up until well after 3pm! Now, in terms of Daughter #1, this was just fine ... she is perfectly happy to watch the older kids work before her class, do her class, and then assist with the younger kids in the next class. Daughter #2, however, is a whirlwind of chaos (did I mention that I wanted to name her Hecate Eris? I think I had her pegged right from the start!) and trying to keep her even marginally amused is a challenge, and a REAL problem up at Dojo (the usual concept is that the little darling gets handed over to her mother and whisked off elsewhere while I await #1 getting done). Thankfully it was "Apple Fest" up there and Ronald McDonald (one of the key figures in said 3-year-old's pantheon) was doing a live appearance ... with free apple dipper things too.

When The Wife finally showed up we were pretty much ready to bolt, but The Girls insisted on Happy Meals first, so we had to make the 3-block trek north, rather than the 1-block dash to the El. By the time I got home I was wiped, and slept for most of the evening.

Sunday was all overcast and ooky, but we still decided that we would brave the weather and go down to Celtic Fest in Grant Park. We were quite lucky, as it opened up and did the torrential rain thing while we were still on the bus heading downtown. We grabbed some food for The Girls down on State and then walked over to the park. It was really nice this year, with a whole kids area that had free rock-wall climbing, miniature golf, one of those jumpy things, and tattoos. We spent the vast majority of our time loitering there and sort of listening to the bands on the stage over by the drive. When we eventually pried The Girls away from their fun, The Wife was wanting to actually go hear some music. Of course, The Girls were not into this concept, so we got The Wife a Killians and dropped her off at the Harp Tent (as in lyres, not lager), and I supervised The Girls running around playing with fans and beachballs scored from the WXRT radio booth. We eventually re-convened, grabbed enough snacks to use up our food & beverage tickets, and headed out.

The Wife and Daughter #2 grabbed a cab and headed home for naps, while #1 and I wandered back into the Loop. My buddy Ed (aka edthepagan) was doing a conference all weekend, Pagan Pride Chicago, and I'd promised him that I'd try to get down there. As it was, we got there with enough time to schmooze a little (Ed's group, Telepathic Media {aka telepathic}, is "buying" Eschaton from me, and we're in the midst of doing a lot of transferring and merging systems), catch Ed's talk on the Future of Paganism in Chicago, and attend the closing ritual. During most of this, Daughter #1 was taking advantage of the Art Room, although she did manage to "shmooze" enough to get herself an herb-stuffed bear and a nice little bracelet from folks with low cuteness thresholds!

We then dragged ourselves back down to the subway, and caught the Red Line home. I sat down at my computer, hoping to TRY to get caught up on stuff and the next thing I knew it was 6:00 AM and I had a heck of a crick in my neck. Today was only marginally more useful, and tomorrow is going to be a bloody nightmare. But, more about that later.

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