BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Wow ...

I got one of those "amazing offers" in the mail today, pitching OEM software. Now, I'm a frugal as the next guy (OK, I'm a cheap bastard), so I'm very happy to get a deal if I can. Back when I was at Chubb, I got a taste of what's possible via academic discounts, and I have seen reputable system dealers package a cooling fan with an OS to give you an OEM price. Anyway, I went and looked at the site. Predictably, it had all the marks of a "scam" site, the coding which pushed the window out of the browser (so you can't see where the links go in the status bar), etc. but what was AMAZING was what I saw when I hit "view source" ... the domain name was "BagNGrab" ... NOT exactly a confidence-builder for wanting to do business with them!

Sheesh! You would think that these scam artists would at least TRY to hide behind more innocent sounding domains!

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