BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

And, introducing ...

A long-time co-conspirator of mine, Ed Hubbard, has finally come on board here ... he's the grand muckety-muck of Telepathic Media (for which I've set up a new LiveJournal ... Telepathic). Ed's been very involved with bringing Paganism onto the world stage via the Parliament of the World's Religions events, and he's just back from South Africa (where the most recent Parliament was held), following up on some of the ground-work laid there last year (another 1999 Parliamentarian on L.J. is the much-beloved Shakti). A collection of newsletters from the 1993 centennial Parliament was Eschaton's first official publication back in 1994, which was edited by Ed, and was just part of the chaos of the early days of the Pagan Leadership Conferences he organized. Click below for more info on our "Your Voice" collection from the 1993 Parliament:

Anyway, stop by Ed's journal and say hi!

- BTRIPP . . . Hey!  Click on me!


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