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OK ... this is getting almost REAL ... I wake up this morning to find that the S.F. Giants had beaten the Astros last night to drop them into a dead-even tie with the Cubs at 84-72 with just six games to go in the season. Even this weekend the sports pundits were talking about "how hard it would be to pick up 1.5 games", but somehow in two days that happened!

Sure, the Cubs could (mathematically) end up on Sunday six games out and in 3rd place, but that would invovle a collapse that would make everybody forget about 1969! We have three games in Cincinatti (against what look like unseasoned pitchers ... all three of their guys have like 5 decisions all year) and then three at home against the Pirates. Houston has a big final homestand, but three of those are against San Francisco, which is battling Atlanta for home field advantage, and who, as a team, have a lot of ties to the current Cubs (i.e., I don't think they'll "lie down" just because they've already won their division), and then a final three against Milwaukee.

It is amazing to get this late in the season (hey, less than a week left!) and have the Cubs in a race this tight ... heck, even the Cardinals still have a chance if both Houston and the Cubs tank! I remember the last time the Cubs won their division (it was on my birthday back in 1984) and the town went nuts ... it would be amazing around here if it happend again.

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