BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Oh, yeah ... I was supposed to be writing poetry, wasn't I?

Well, trying to get adjusted to all the stuff we're getting adjusted to, I've not had the by-myself time to write. Got this one done on the El on the way back from a Parent's meeting up at Daughter #1's school. Love that long subway ride ... just right for penning one of these charming little missives! Anyhoo ... for your obscure pleasure ... here it is:

                    IN FEVERED FROZEN DREAMS

                    placed apart
                    chained by need
                    harried into corners
                    without means of escape
                    lost in a swirl of worry
                    vertiginous confusion
                    which grips each day
                    taints each hour

                    unable to reach
                    across that plane
                    bound in by walls
                    in strange surround
                    we can not shift
                    we can not grow
                    we can not break
                    this ice enclosing

                    this limbo dulls
                    this grey zone slows
                    losing focus
                    blurring lines
                    all things turn hazy
                    leaving all adrift
                    without direction

                    the power of delusion swells
                    and overtakes intent
                    we can not plan
                    for nothing's real
                    who can pick apart
                    the dreams of day
                    from the dreams of sleep
                    to act with purpose?

                    only terror
                    now tastes real
                    only destruction
                    has a basis
                    the world's a nightmare
                    in our coma state
                    which has no waking
                    nor hope of dawn

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2001 by Brendan Tripp

- BTRIPP . . . Hey!  Click on me!


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