BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Am I a horrible person?

Ever since I switched over to the new ink-jet fax machine, I have become very sensitive to the HUGE number of Junk Faxes that I get. Back when there was a roll of thermal paper involved, I didn't worry so much about missing "important" faxes, but now that there is a limited amount of paper in the machine, getting this CRAP is bugging the shit out of me. Now, they all seem to have a toll-free "remove from list" number, but why should *I* have to pay for getting the fax (paper and ink), then have to take the time to log my number in their system?

Since I've been so damned stressed of late, reaching down to find "my inner psychopath" is not hard to do ... so, to even things out, I typically call the 800# involved in whatever they're pitching and go psycho on whatever unfortunate picks up the phone. Yesterday I called every 10 minutes to one just to yell "Damn you to Hell, motherfuckers!" (I was especially pissed because their removal number wasn't working), and today when the lady asked "How can I help you?" I suggested that she shoot every god-damned motherfucker in her office!

Am I a horrible person?

Now, I have my FAX number on the in-dispute "do not call" list. Also, I understand that, under Federal law, one can sue for $500 per junk fax. I wish there was a company/service that would handle that for 50%! I'd love to throw these god-damned fuckwads to some sharks. Anybody know of any service like that?

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