BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Went to a movie ...

Oh, OK ... so that doesn't sound so earth-shattering as to deserve making a post about it ... BUT this movie did not involve animated characters, explosions, or comic books come to life! A real-live made-for-adults (as opposed to an adult) movie! I had dropped Daughter #1 off after her Dojo class at some friends for an over-night, and my Mom (who was wanting to see her anyway) agreed to take Daughter #2 for a couple of hours, so The Wife and I could run off to actually see a movie!

Now, The Wife and I were never big on going to movies together before the kids (I was trying to think of the last time we went to a "grown up" non-scifi-ish movie, and I think it might have been when Dead Poets Society came out!) so this was something of a treat (especially for her ... having sat through stuff like Judge Dread or The Mummy with me).

The soon-to-be-late-and-lamented Esquire Theater had Bill Murray's new Lost In Translation playing on 3 screens, so as soon as I got back from dropping #1 off (about 3:30p) we spun into action, got #2 up from her nap, packed her into the big stroller, scooted down the block to my Mom's place, said "Hi", handed over said granddaughter, and ducked around the corner to the theater (yes, it is very nice living downtown) just in time for the 4:00p showing!

Lost In Translation was pretty good (The Wife loved it), considering there were no space ships, no supernatural beings, nothing blew up, and it had very few titty shots.

On our way home we heard much shouting from the Sports Bars in the neighborhood ... which was my first clue that the Cubs had won (yes, I missed watching both games of the doubleheader). Gee ... wasn't this the exciting journal entry?

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