BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Speaking of the Bears ...

OK ... So I hate to make jokes about my much beloved Bears, but I got a wonderful story forwarded to me which goes like this:

Momma Bear, Papa Bear, and Baby Bear had to go to the courthouse
because Momma Bear and Papa Bear were getting a divorce.

In the course of the proceedings the Judge asks Baby Bear:
"Baby Bear ... do you want to go live with Mama Bear?"

To which Baby Bear replied:
"Oh, NO sir, Mama Bear beats me terribly!"

Surprised, the Judge asked:
"Well, do you want to go live with Papa Bear?"

To which the distressed Baby Bear replied:
"Please, NO, sir, he beats me worse than she does!"

The Judge, somewhat shaken, then asks:
"Well, then where do you WANT to live?"

To which Baby Bear replies:
"I want to go live with the Chicago Bears, because they never beat ANYBODY!"

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