BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Oh, by the way ... last week

Last week I finally got a hold of Boris Mikulic's Philia Phobia CD ... I'd been looking for it for YEARS, and this was the first time that I'd been able to track down a copy of it. While it still has not arrived yet, I got it on eBay for more than I wanted to pay, but for the opening bid. What was really cool about the listing is that they put up some history on it ... it turns out that "Boris Mikulic" was a fabrication {Boris Mikulic, of "In Sotto Voce" (it has been discovered that it was really Jo Casters and Herman Gillis of Poésie Noire posing as Ilya Dimitrijevic & Boris Mikulic)}, which means that all the "back story" (about him being in jail for war crimes due to having been a sniper in the Bosnian army, which was why the albums had disappeared) was phony. This, of course, leads me to suspect that one of these days somebody is going to re-release Philia Phobia and Heresey (the latter, oddly enough, was the very first thing I'd bought on eBay, a couple of years back!).

I'd heard of In Sotto Voce (but I'm not familiar with their music), but had not heard fo Poésie Noire, whose albums (after a quick on-line search) appear to be every bit as hard to get a hold of as "Boris Mikulic's". Anyway, I will now be able to once again listen to "Break Free" ... which, along with Heresey's "Diana" are the two "big hits" that I got hooked on way back when!

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