BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Googlism ...

Snagged from opalcat's journal ... ... a thing that searches on any who/what/where/when and pulls up results ... amusing for searching on your name ... here's an edited list:

Brendan is dead
Brendan is the greatest
Brendan is proving to be no mummy's boy
Brendan is just exceptionally different
Brendan is an instinctive
Brendan is animal crackers
Brendan is an asshole
Brendan is still dead
Brendan is the "real deal"
Brendan is best known for a voyage he is said to have taken
Brendan is the best actor ever
Brendan is cool
Brendan is wishing for power tools
Brendan is face down in the gutter of a suburban dublin street
Brendan is said to have sailed in search of a fabled paradise with a company of monks
Brendan is a celtic saint who was born in county kerry
Brendan is said to be buried at this site
Brendan is hot
Brendan is having fun
Brendan is currently working on two projects
Brendan is known to have visited iona in scotland
Brendan is quiet and reserved
Brendan is available throughout the new england area
Brendan is available for gigs
Brendan is laid to rest and embarks upon his final journey
Brendan is right for the role

Heh ... lest anyone forget ... "Brendan is still dead"!

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