BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Poetry ... just what you were waiting for, right?

So, it looks like the current trend is that I am only able to write when I have "down time" and am by myself. Somehow I can't get into my old pattern of blocking out a chunk of computer time to write ... I have to be off doing something else where I have time to kill.

Anyway, this weekend I was off in Los Angeles for the Unicity pre-launch meetings (very exciting, if over-whelming), so I had two days of transit and one night of hotel loitering. This (and the two poems that follow) are the products thereof.

                    IN FLIGHT, NOT FLEEING

                    longing touches
                    amid this flight
                    for mountains, canyons
                    mesas, plains
                    arrayed below us
                    close yet far
                    desired, unreachable
                    as miles reel by

                    I wonder which
                    of these I've seen
                    in long-past journeys
                    in different days
                    whe I had dreams
                    which molded acts
                    and let me search
                    the farthest reach

                    dreams have gone
                    replaced by walls
                    forged of nightmares
                    by the mundane,
                    freedom too
                    has fallen slain
                    in retribution
                    of vengeful norms

                    for each hope held
                    we're forced to bear
                    a score of failures
                    bound on like chain
                    by hostile worlds
                    which can't abide
                    the thought of dreams
                    becoming light

                    for every temple,
                    each holy hill,
                    where we have walked
                    the darkness has inflicted pain
                    which cuts the soul
                    and leaves the spirit empty
                    of hope and dreams
                    yet not this bitter pining

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2001 by Brendan Tripp

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