BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Some good questions ...

Why Won't Democrats Admit the Iraq War Was Right?
and ...
Don’t the Democrats care even a little about terrorism?

It's downright scary that one of the two major political parties is so DELUSIONAL! As folks who regularly read this space know, I have a real hard time with politics, as I am a staunch Conservative on many issues, yet a hard-line Libertarian on many others ... leading to a sitution where the "true believers" in either of these two camps are openly hostile to about half of my stances.

However, the Democrats (and their fellow-travelers in the Green Party, Socialist Workers Party, etc.) seem to be so hell-bent on the destruction of all that is SANE in this world that the only word I can come up for their intents is "EVIL". This, of course, sets off the hair-trigger of the Leftists, who try to imply that I'm some sort of Fundy stooge. HELLO? I am just about the most "Anti-Christian" person that I know who is not "over the edge" into playing spooky dress-up ... so when I say that something is EVIL, it's not because it isn't toeing some Bible-thumping doctrinal line, it's because it is EVIL. And, trust me on this, I know evil ... and the philosophy of the Democratic Party (et al.) IS evil!

Bleh ... we're doomed.

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