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"More, more! I'm still not satisfied!" ... right

There was an earthquake while I was loitering in the hotel (which is the subject of a potential rant ... the most up-to-date scheduling stuff I had for the conference indicated that there were going to be meetings up till 9pm on Saturday, but the conference actually ended at 5!), I didn't notice it, but the news broke in about it (two quakes actually, a 2-something followed by a 4-something), which did get me thinking of the pics of the "pancaked" buidings (much like the hotel I was in) from the last big quake.

                    DARK CHAMBERS WITHOUT DOOR

                    too many factors
                    too many threads
                    we're left so empty
                    failing intent
                    systems' decline
                    leaves us behind
                    lost in the desert
                    forgotten, exiled

                    once again
                    we must re-climb
                    the same damn hill
                    the mountain
                    which stymies
                    all efforts applied
                    we know how this plays
                    we've seen it before

                    what becomes
                    the difference?
                    what can be brought
                    to change?
                    we have no answers
                    not even a guess
                    so expect failure
                    as being the norm

                    cycles of defeat
                    taint these names
                    our humiliation
                    takes on new frames
                    as we retreat
                    to frustration
                    unable to strike
                    unable to win

                    downward, darkness
                    paths descend
                    all trends decline
                    when ours is need
                    all roads dead end
                    when we must move
                    this is our damnation
                    our endless pain

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2001 by Brendan Tripp

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