BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

New kitty ...

As long-time readers of this space may recall, we "lost" our 17-year-old kitty, Anique, back in May (she had a quick decline due to kidney failure, after a long and loving life). We'd promised The Girls that we'd get a new cat, but they'd have to wait until after our Florida trip (after all, it would hardly be fair to a new kitten to bring it home and then bail on it for a week!). I was, frankly, thinking more of a "Santa kitty", but The Wife decided that we had to go out to the Anti-Cruelty Society yesterday (they were all home for the Veterans Day holiday) to "look at the kitties". I knew, of course, that the odds of going down there to "look" without coming home with a cat were slim to none.

Anyway, this is a pic of our new kitty, who is currently going by "Dusty" (due to the soot-like pattern on her head). She's 8 months old, and had only been at the ACS since Saturday (her previous owner was moving into a no-pets situation), and had just been "fixed" on Monday. She still has all her claws, which will be interesting with The Girls, who were used to Nikki's "ineffectual" paw swipes if they got too rough with her! Right now she is fascinated with the bird cage (which is what she's looking at in this pic), thinking that the parakeets would make a much better breakfast than the kitten chow (I've had to move the cage twice this morning to make it less accessible to leaps). We're going to have to get a spray thing to dissuade her from that concept (folks may recall that Nikki had similar aspirations when Tookie first arrived, but failed to "do the math" about what the weight of a cat hanging on to the side of a birdcage suspended from a tripod-based stand would do to the stability of the system in general, which ended up crashing down on her ... she limped for weeks, avoided the living room for months, and never tried to get the birds again!).

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