BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Pinatas ...

Not to wander off into a Dennis Miller like rant ... but I just don't "get" Pinatas ... I mean, sure, it's fun to have a physical activity for the kiddies which results in a mad scramble for goodies, but who really wants to "beat to death" some cute little animal or popular character to get the loot??? Daughter #1 turns 8 in a couple of weeks, and I've been getting stuff ready for her party (we're going to be doing it up at the Dojo again, with the "theme" being Pokemon). Now, we could have gotten a Pikachu pinata, but I just can't imagine wanting to bash "cute little Pikachu" with a stick. Daughter #1 agrees ... which is why I'm so perplexed by the popularity of "character" pinatas. "Gee ... little Timmy loves Scooby-Do, so let's have a group thrashing of old Scooby!" I just don't get it. The whole Pinata thing just smells like mob violence or "street justice" ... everybody takes a turn to beat on the victim, and great rejoicing comes when body parts start flying. What's that about on a "teach your children" level???

At least you would think they'd do villian pinatas themed to various characters ... instead of a Power Puff Girl pinata there'd be a Mojo JoJo pinata, instead of a a Scooby-do pinata there'd be a "creepy ghost" pinata, instead of a Spider-Man pinata there'd be a Green Goblin pinata, instead of a Simba pinata there'd be a Scar pinata, but noooooooo ... if you want a Pokemon pinata you have a choice of Pikachu as your victim! Well, as anybody who follows Pokemon knows, the "bad guys" there are Team Rocket, so I was happy when I found a big (generic but for US flags) rocket pinata (I guess that's an ICBM for the "no nukes" crowd's parties). I was able to scan in a graphic of Team Rocket, tidy it up, and print out panels for the rocket, as well as covering up the flags with their "R" logo. Now the kids at the party can bash away at the bad guys, which is how it ought to be in the first place!

Hell ... I can only imagine how much fun it would be to have a Hillary Clinton pinata!

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