BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Once more, with FEELING!

Ah, I miss travelling. Back in my P.R. gig I used to be on the road doing conferences and stuff maybe one week out of four ... which was just enough for me to be ready to get home when it was time to get home and ready to get the fuck out of the office when it was time to hit the road. I have this strange perversion for "functional" buildings ... airports, hospitals, military facilities ... and airports are the nicest way to get that fix, so travelling never wore down on me like I know it does on others. I keep hoping to build up some solid downlines around the country in my Unicity biz so that I'll have a reason to be jetting around to support folks in the various markets. Hey ... I had a great idea! Why don't YOU sign up with Unicity and I'll help you build YOUR business! That would be SO COOL! Anyway ...

                    PLACES WE CAN'T BE

                    stepping beyond
                    we become distance
                    expanding past
                    the normal plane
                    delicate state
                    so hard to keep this
                    so hard to be
                    in wider frames

                    one desire
                    amid confusion
                    the driving need
                    behind these days
                    can not be formed
                    within this language
                    does not have words
                    enough to say

                    yet shadow crafts
                    with the symbols
                    of the mundane
                    naming goals
                    in millions, billions
                    vast acquiring,
                    avarice untamed

                    the filaments
                    between these worlds
                    are oh so fragile
                    they bear no weight
                    and can not serve
                    to bridge these realms
                    and give us passage
                    to build the real

                    we must find means
                    to let the light in
                    the unseen flare
                    from hidden sides
                    we must find ways
                    to span this chasm
                    to conquer sleep
                    and nightmare life

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2001 by Brendan Tripp

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