BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Not to look a gift horse in the mouth ...

OK, so I don't know why things are back to normal as far as image availability goes, but I'm not going to fight it ... in fact, I'm going to take advantage of the (possibly temporary) return to sanity by the various servers involved and post a pic!

This is the "Team Rocket" pinata that I put together for Daughter #1's birthday (the party is two weeks from tomorrow, but I hate having things hanging till the last moment that can get done ahead of time!). In the first picture you can just make out the Team Rocket "R" on the side, this is covering up the American flag sticker that the pinata came with (what's the message there? bash the gringo's space program???) and of course in both there is the "portrait" shot of the Jesse and James (with their "evil" Pokemon critters). My daughter is in full agreement that she and her friends would rather beat the shit out of these guys than "cute little Pikachu" (who was a pinata option!).

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