BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Uh-huh ...

Yep, here I am, trying very hard to get a couple of major projects out the door (or at least on the downward side of the hill) and what do I end up doing? Writing some more poetry! Of course, it's good that I am writing sitting here at the computer (see my griping about that a few posts back) but not so good in that it breaks the flow of getting constructive things done. Oh well. Shit happens (yeah, right, smart ass ... why don't you post your "shit" for all the world to see too!) [commentary to nobody in particular ... just knew the thought would come up here ... whaddayawant for 4am?].

                    IN THAT OTHER PLACE

                    lost amid
                    lost within
                    these shifting frames
                    our filters
                    tune out the world
                    tone down the yell
                    shift apart
                    the driving rage

                    this is not
                    what we are
                    that is not
                    what's inside
                    I can not
                    abide their way
                    I can't be
                    that thing of theirs

                    here is safety
                    here is clear
                    here we know
                    what is of need
                    here we see
                    what must be known
                    here we ride
                    the founding wave

                    theirs is panic
                    theirs is hate
                    they would destroy
                    what we have
                    they would discount
                    all that we build
                    they despise
                    what is our core

                    in the silence
                    we are attuned
                    in the darkness
                    we yet find light
                    how can this
                    not be the way?
                    how might this
                    be the outside?

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2001 by Brendan Tripp

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