BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Wow ...

Gee ... I guess even in my typically crappy, soul-crushing, days little glimmers of light must fall (mind you, I wish they'd fall in the form of winning Lotto tickets, but hey, I take what I can get). Today we got a set of Pokemon cards that I'd bid on over on eBay ... the set was detailed very specifically, and did not include any of the Sandstrorm "ex" cards, but I got it because it was going to fill in most of the non-holographic gaps in Daughter #1's collection. Well, the seller must have been in a generous mood, as there were several more cards than what they'd listed, plus two of the much more valuable "ex" cards ... how much more valuable? Well, I'm still having a hard time dealing with the economies of the card business (these things retail for $3.50 for a package of nine pieces of cardboard!), but click on the pic of the card and get ready for a shock! YEE-HAW! If I was into selling these things, I'd be able to turn around and get five times what I paid for the set this came in, for just this one card (and I could do it too, since amazingly, this is the second "Typhlosion ex" card that we've gotten in the past couple of months)! It's a very strange world out there ... but it's nice when a shiny thing like this drops into one's lap.

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