BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

gee ... one nice day and it's back to SHIT

Maaaaaaan ...
OK, so yesterday my pics were showing up and nice stuff was happening on eBay ... today my pics are spewing error messages and some god-damned motherfucking sack of shit running one of those accursed bot things yanked an auction (that I had been very carefully watching) out from under me with less than 30 seconds left. Hell, if I don't have 2 minutes I can't (at 56k) realistically get a bid in since it takes so long for the various bidding pages to load, so this asswipe (or his/her bot) waltzes in with 30 seconds and trumps my (more than double the existing bid) bid by twenty-five cents and walks off with the goodies. This should be BANNED ... if people aren't willing to spend the TIME to win the auction they shouldn't get to STEAL them from those who ARE!!!!

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