BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Another "AOL Sucks!" rant ...

You know, I've never been in the "I hate AOL" camp ... and I've been a long-time user there. However, they recently have been doing stuff which CLEARLY falls in the "jacking their customers around" category. Mainly, this has manifested with their blocking LJ from grabbing images from their users' FTP space. What is SO aggravating about this is that AOL is a premium priced service, so one would think that one would be able to do what the fuck one pleased with one's files there!

In response to not being able to get pictures up here via AOL, I went and signed up for the free hosting package over at ... as you can tell by the name, they're primarily set up for users of blogs to put up images, and they have a nice free package (with no "content restrictions", by the way). I have to thank juliejordan for that link, as he's been using their free service to post pics since he re-appeared last week!

What is REALLY irritating me at the moment about AOL is that, on top of everything else, they are BLOCKING e-mails from ... so you can't finish the normal sign-up process if you're on AOL (you have to request a manual activation). It seems that the "paranoia" about AOL's heavy-handedness in regards to Blogs is not so paranoid ... it looks like they're doing everything they can to make it difficult for their users to use any other blogging service "coincidentally" at the time that they're starting up their own entry into the Blog niche!

Bleh. I'm mad now. I don't suppose writing a nasty letter would do any good over there, though. Once this new account is up, I'll post some things I've had stacked up here (and go back and change the URLs for those things that are getting "file not found" message from AOL!).

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