BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Ahhhh ...

So, that free hosting thing from seems to be working well ... it's SO nice to re-load my journal and not have these damned messages about not being able to "find" files that I know damn well are there in my FTP space on AOL! Just in case you missed seeing some of these pics, while I was dealing with all this, you can scroll down to 11/21 to see the "Team Rocket" pinata that I've put together for Daughter #1's birthday party, and a bit farther down, at 11/12, there is a picture of our new kitty.

Speaking of the kitty ... we took her up to the vet yesterday to get her shots. It was bordering on upsetting, as The Wife and Daughter #2 bailed out on us (to go down the street to get some stuff at PetCo), leaving Daughter #1 and me sitting around the vet's ... just like the last time we were there ... when we brought Nikki up there. When they put her down. :-( I kept remembering poor Nikki ... she was so sick, but feeling better after getting subcutaneous liquids all day. It still tears me up. Anyway, #1 and I got through the appointment OK, but it's brought up a lot of "old sad" for me.

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