BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Am I an idiot?

I'm very frustrated today. My ink-jet printer started to get balky with black, so I figured "OK, I'll refill the cartridge!". Now, I have successfully re-filled the color cartridge previously, so I know it IS possible, but this is the second or third time that I've tried re-filling the black cartridge, to no avail (and having wasted half a big refill kit in the process). What's up with that? Previously, I'd chalked it up to trying to refill "old" cartridges, but this one JUST NOW started to get funky. I re-filled it according to the kit's instructions, but I'm still getting a streaky mess when I do "clean nozzles", and either NO black ink or the occasional partial letter when I run a test page through. VERY FRUSTRATING! I mean, what's the deal? Does the black ink start to get crusty (blocking the nozzles) as soon as the cartridge is low? I have the nozzle part soaking in alcohol right now to see if I can clear them ... but I was getting FINE prints out of this cartridge just a couple of weeks back, so I don't know why (I wasn't using it for most of last week) the thing is suddenly fucked. I really really don't feel like going out to throw $40 at a new one today!

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