BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Depressed ...

I've been sliding into a "shallow" depression which is really irritating ... I get into a place where the "little things" that one needs to get done to be accomplishing bigger things start appearing too complicated or difficult to do. Plus, I'm constantly tired, no matter what sleep I get, no matter what stimulants I take. Result: I fall asleep a lot while "working on stuff". Then I wake up, no longer "have any time" and get angry and frustrated ... and more depressed. This really sucks.

Speaking of "time" issues, I "lost" today to other people's schedules. First The Wife decided that Daughter #2 was dragging her butt too much for her to get her in to school on the way to work. So, this fell to me, needing to get #1 to her school by 9am (as usual), then dragging #2 onto a bus and up to her daycare. Normally, this would not have been a big deal, but my Mom had signed us up to go to this luncheon for this new retirement home. That started at 11, and she wanted me over there by 10:15 (just in case the wheelchair cab came early). I had just about exactly a half hour to work on stuff this morning before going off to that (which was 3-1/2 hours of "socializing" with a room full of several hundred 70-year-olds), When we finally got my Mom back to her place (after having to wait an hour for the damn cab), I had a total of 20 minutes to get home, and get Daughter #1 ... except that I forgot that this is the day she has her extra Art class until 5. So, after having rushed over to the school to pick her up, I ended up with 1-1/2 hours of time. So, my day got truncated down to a non-concurrent 2 hours. I hope I can concentrate a full day's worth tomorrow, as Friday looks to be iffy with Other People's Schedules interfering again.

Bleh. I know ... who the fuck cares? Why do I even bother?

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