BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

WOW ... great site!

I was surfing around, looking for a particular piece of Process propaganda to pass along to a needful LJer, and found a wonderful site. Process stuff has become "iffy" to find these days, especially since MY old archive went away when SimpleNet got gobbled up by whatever soulless monstrosity did the gobbling in that case (and pulled the plug on the "unlimited storage / unlimited bandwidth" deal!) ... so many links out there point to that long-dead site. I do think that the fellow who runs this site "borrowed" my text files of Exit (or, maybe he went and scanned in the whole book on his own ... it could happen), but it's nice to see it available again. He's got five Process texts up, among HUNDREDS of interesting things in their "archives" section ... do check it out:

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