BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Hmmm ... oh, yeah

I had a LONG post that I was working on last night, detailling the chaos of yesterday ... I must have lost it when the system locked up this morning ... damn. Oh, well, nobody really gives a fuck, right? The short form: Got a rental car. Took Daughter #2 to a birthday party in the morning, while The Wife and Daughter #1 were grocery shopping. Wife and #1 pick us up late so by the time we've gotten all the stuff pulled together for #1's birthday party, we're too late for her class. We head up to Dojo, and nobody but me is in any hurry to get things set up (I'm freaking out, of course ... having been a Certified Meeting Professional, I get totally nuts if everything for a party isn't set up and ready to roll a good half hour before "go"). We finally do get there, and get set up. Folks arrive. She probably had 4 no-shows from those who had RSVP'd ... but there were still like 14 kids (including ours) there.

What's with people and RSVPing these days? We invited 36 kids and got only like 6 regrets ... so there we are, having to plan for as many as 30 kids, but only getting 12. In a professional setting, you need to count all those "don't knows" as potential attendees and have to be ready to deal with them all showing up. We could have easily gone with a cake half the size we got, and pretty much half of everything else. It also makes the "per head" cost of the goodie bags go up, but I fortunately didn't spend a ton on those this year.

Oh, well ... Daughter #1 seemed to have a good time ... and she got some interesting loot.

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