BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Still here ...

Hmmm ... I thought I'd posted more recently than Sunday ... but I guess not. Must be "dream posting" or something.

Anyhoo ... this week has been chaotic ... I ended up having to drop The Girls off by my Mom's place on both Monday and Tuesday so I could go off to evening things ... I almost ended up going to the wrong one on Monday ... I knew I was "booked" for something then, but right up till when I had to get The Girls, I was thinking it was this "regular" job networking thing at a church in the neighborhood ... it was only when I went to pull together some stuff to bring with me that I stumbled over the print-out about the OTHER networking thing that was down in the loop (and cost $20 and forced me to change into a suit). Oh well, better late than never, but I'd prefer to give myself more lead time to psych up for something like that. On Tuesday night there was a Job Fair over at the Westin ... unfortunately, it was pretty much just for sales jobs, and that's just not my thing. There were 12 companies there, and I spoke to them all. 1 of them just plain blew me off as they were only looking for sales guys, 2 others suggested that I look at their web sites and wouldn't take my resume, another 3-4 took my resume and said they'd pass it along, one (and this just killed me) said they had been looking for somebody with exactly my sort of background and had hired one just last week, the rest I had somewhat interesting converstaions with, with the possibility that I might try doing one of these things. Why? The money is so much better than anything else I've been looking at. If I get into one of these ones with a set system with their own leads, as long as I don't fuck things up, I should be making substantial $$$. We'll see ... I'm supposed to be doing follow-up calls with a couple of them this week.

On my way out to the Job Fair at the Westin, I got a flu shot. I'd missed doing this the past couple of years, and my Dr. tells me that I probably should (due to having lost my spleen in the crash in '93, so my immune system is not 100%). Typically I get around to looking for the flu shot when I'm already sick, which is not a good time to get it. Of course, that meant that yesterday I was feeling sort of wiped, and didn't get much of anything done.

Today, I'm supposed be trying to catch up. So, what am I doing? Oh, yeah ... writing a post on L.J.

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