BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Knowing the Enemy ...

"In {the 12th-century ethical world of the Islamists}, it was purely routine to rob, rape and murder your enemies without restraint, but today it is conducted with the additional blessing of Islamic code that stipulates that unbelievers were not to be considered as people. The radical Islamists honor, preserve and treasure these same ancient interpretations of Islam ... as pertains to all non-Muslims and therefore can indulge in such barbarity without let."

From: Kidnapping, slow murder and propaganda

During the march to Baghdad, our "kill ratio" was a remarkable 1,000 : 1 ... I hope that in the on-going battle against the Islamists we can keep up that ratio ... they kill one of ours, we kill 1,000 of theirs. It's is the ONLY logic they understand. I still think there will be nukes flying before this is over.

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