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OK ... sometimes I feel like a good Daddy! Last night I scored an eBay auction that featured the last two Pokemon Base Set holographic cards that Daughter #1 didn't have in her collection. Now, as I've mentioned in here before, the economics of this card thing are truly bizarre ... pieces of printed cardboard that fetch ridiculous sums of money ... and the cards in question are typically on the high end of that scale, so I'm thrilled to get them for about 1/6th of what the "market" is for them. If all goes as planned (the seller was a new eBay-er and wasn't set up for a CC PayPal payment, so I had to shoot out a Money Order to her today), I should have these cards just in time to add them to the "Big Pokemon Surprise Box" that Daughter #1 is getting from me for Xmas!

In case you were wondering what I got (or what these things "officially" go for), the cards in this batch were:
            Blastoise (#2/102)
            Charizard (#4/102)
            Ditto (#3/62)
            Hitmonlee (#7/62)

As you can see (if you clicked through on the links above), the sale prices for those four cards total $90.00 ... and the Charizard card by itself rarely goes for less than $20.00 on eBay ... so I'm pretty stoked at getting all four for Daughter #1 for just $15.85 (including shipping)!

Yeah, I know ... that's still a hell of a lot of money for four bits of cardboard! And, ultimately, who cares? ... but, hey ... I have so damn few positives floating around my life these days that I need to celebrate the few that get my attention!

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