BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

You were probably dying to know ...

I finally got our Xmas cards out tonight. I'm sure the uncertainty was burning.

I broke down and wrote a "holiday newsletter", all to better share the angst and terror of the year with everybody we know. The friggin' drug stores never got around to running a promo for regular re-prints (they were all out whoring the digital machines), so I never got pics reprinted to send with the cards ... I ended up doing 9-up pics of The Girls on our ink-jet, and then cut-and-pasted them on the "front" (it was a 4-fold pamphlet style thing) of the newsletter. I really need to find somebody who will hire me for a lot of money to make various "somethings" out of pretty damn much nothing ... since "McGuyvering" seems to be my strong suit. Heaven help me!

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