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Man ... these have been a few stressful days. I had to check my Mom in to the hospital on Friday ... it turns out that she's been having to call the fire department frequently to get her up off the floor. Needless to say, the fire department feels that it has better things to do (on Friday morning, the truck that showed up was supposed to have been at a fire) than to get a 300lb+ woman up off the floor. She, of course, was not telling us (either me or my brother) anything about this. Actually, it worked out good for me, as she had called me to come over there and help her night gal move her three times on Thursday night (yes, I got up at 3:30, 6:00, and 7:15, got dressed, and ran over there to help move her a few feet), and I didn't make it there in time (she was "sliding off the bed" at 7am) on the last one, and she was already on the floor, with the fire department called, when I got there. The team leader from that truck had basically told her that it's "three times and out" and that they'd pretty much insist on her going to the hospital ... and that was the third time they'd had to call last week. Now, we had heard (on Thursday evening) from my sister-in-law that she had heard from one of her gals that this stuff had been getting worse and worse, but my Mom was not listening at all to any suggestions of going in to the hospital, and all of her doctor visits of late had been so short that they knew she wasn't bringing up any of this stuff to them. So, it was falling to me (my brother lives out near Boston) to convince my Mom that she had to go into the hospital ... and having four firemen standing around on Friday morning (on my third trip over there that night, and their third trip over there that week) making the same suggestion, sure took a lot of the heat off of me!

The problem my Mom's been having is that her legs are getting SO "puffed up" that her knees haven't been bending much, which means that when she's in her wheelchair, her feet slide off the foot pads (leaving her "hanging" from the edge of the seat), and when she's trying to get in or out of bed, her feet aren't "hooking" over the edge, but sort of sticking out. In either situation, she's liable to just slide off onto the floor, and it takes more than her nursing help to get her up once she's down (typically, it takes 4 people). So, we're glad that she's in the hospital getting this checked out. As of last night they didn't know what exactly the root problem was (they had two theories they were looking at), but they have "the swelling team" coming in tomorrow to take a look.

Needless to say, between having The Girls home all week and both them and The Wife sick (I'm glad I got that flu shot a few weeks back!) this has been a pretty much wasted week as far as my getting anything constructive done on the job search (well, except for getting out the Xmas cards out, which had my LifeWork "handbill" in them!).

On a slightly differnt front, The Girls have been increasingly cranky with being inside, so we opted to run them out to a movie yesterday. While Daughter #2 threw herself down to the sidewalk in fits five times while we were out (yes, the whole damn week's been like that) we did manage to go see the new Peter Pan movie, which was fabulous, both girls really liked it, as did The Wife and I ... it did help that we ran into some of The Girls' friends at the theater, so there was a whole gaggle of them together in the back row!

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