BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Bleh ...

What a day. What a week. I have been trying to be the "dutiful son", being over at my Mom's hospital room a couple of times a day, but this has been WAY frustrating. She finally convinced them to send her home today, and that has been a nightmare. Frankly, there is no appreciable difference between where she is now and where she was last Friday (when she got checked in) except that they have ruled out some things that might have been causing her symptoms. We also have her back with a hospital bed at home ... for tonight at least. I spent the better part of the evening trying retrofit this handle she had on her regular bed (which she is "dependent" on for making transfers in and out of her wheelchair), and ended up duct-taping the thing on (which I understand wasn't working to her satisfaction, as she was already calling about it before I made my way back down the street to home).

The doctors at the hospital really wanted to transfer her to a nursing home rather than let her go home, but she put up a huge fight against that. Of course, she still can't stand, can't support herself leaning on anything, and weighs twice as much as any of her help, and would be (given an un-sided seat) about 6-12" wider than her wheelchair (a fact I discovered after suggesting that we take a side off of her chair to get her into it at the hospital!). Of course, in HER mind all these facts are just a lack of people trying or caring, it's somebody else's fault that her feet won't sit on the wheelchair footpads, since if they were paying attention they'd put them back when they slipped off, NOT that she's too swollen to keep her feet down.

Again, after a WEEK there, the only "therapy" that she was under that was doing anything were the new compression stockings, and within TWO HOURS of being home she was already trying to convince her gals to take them off of her! At this rate, they'll have to be calling the Fire Department to get her up off the floor before the night is through. I have pretty much run out of answers. The doctors have none to give (except for a long-term use of the "dreaded" compression stockings along with a low-salt diet) either, and she's not being cooperative with anything. Of course, she came pretty close to losing some of her help this week (she hates paying them for time they're not actually working, so the idea of paying them while she was in the hospital was not flying at all), and if she went into a nursing home for a month, she's be back to square one with having to find help were she to go home. This might not be a totally bad thing, because she's avoided having any real "nursing" help over the years who might be less "lenient" about shit like the stockings.

Anyway, I'm griping. I'm exhausted. I had HOURS worth of work I had planned out for this afternoon which got flushed down the crapper. The only possibly useful thing that came out of this week was that I checked the job listings over at the hospital and they had a very interesing PR gig available, which I applied for.

Bleh. I really want to change the channel.

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