BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

More fun stuff courtesy of the mind of Dick Hoagland ...

OK ... so those who follow Hoagland's site (or his periodic appearances on Coast-to-Coast) know that he and Mike Bara have a rather unique "eye" for seeing things that may or may not be shown in various space images. These have run the gamut from the ruins of huge glass domes on the Moon to cities on Mars (and, of course, The Face). Now that we have a new camera on site up on the Red Planet, they are wasting no time at fine-toothed-combing over the photos, finding all sorts of "remarkable" artifacts sitting right out next to the lander. To their credit, there DO appear to be some mighty freaky looking rocks lying about there, but I'm not so sure about there being ...

"Metal Cased Objects Found at Spirit Landing Site"

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