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a brief meme ...

OK ... I have the programs printed (I still need to fold them tonight) and an 11x14 portrait of my Mom done for the back of the church, and my Brother's mother-in-law is on her way in from the airport, and my cousins are supposedly on a plane heading here, so before we start to work on the evening's plans, I'm taking a little "Brendan break".

There has been an L.J. meme floating about on my Friends List for a while now (I just grabbed this from cryo's post this afternoon) and, being the one-time travelin' guy that I was, I just had to do this. So, behind the cut is that very popular "which states have you been to" list.

1) Alabama,
2) Alaska,
3) Arizona,
4) Arkansas,
5) California,
6) Colorado,
7) Connecticut,

8) Delaware,
9) Florida,
10) Georgia,
11) Hawaii,
12) Idaho,
13) Illinois,
14) Indiana,
15) Iowa,

16) Kansas,
17) Kentucky,
18) Louisiana,
19) Maine,

20) Maryland,
21) Massachusetts,
22) Michigan,
23) Minnesota,
24) Mississippi,
25) Missouri,
26) Montana,
27) Nebraska,
28) Nevada,

29) New Hampshire,
30) New Jersey,
31) New Mexico,
32) New York,

33) North Carolina,
34) North Dakota,
35) Ohio,
36) Oklahoma,
37) Oregon,
38) Pennsylvania,

39) Rhode Island,
40) South Carolina,
41) South Dakota,
42) Tennessee,
43) Texas,
44) Utah,

45) Vermont,
46) Virginia,
47) Washington,
48) West Virginia,
49) Wisconsin,
50) Wyoming,
51) Washington DC

Now, "the rules" seem to be not counting any plane changes, but I also did not credit states that I just "drove through" without any meaningful stops. There you have it, I suppose.

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