BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Today ...

edthepagan is supposedly coming up today to pick up the rest of Eschaton's book stock. I've been in such a fog on this. We got the first half of it off to their downstate loacation last Fall, so it's been a while. I opted to keep the 10x10' storage locker, and start moving my Mom's stuff over there. I wish I were in a better state for dealing with the whole WitchSchool project, as it is exciting and growing, etc. But I went from the "mental breakdown" of Eschaton into the total focus of going back to school a year back, into the desperate job search that I've been in the past year, and now, of course, into this deep funk over my Mom's death. I just wish something GOOD would happen to me. In case anybody's making "grand beneficense" lists ... a Lotto win would be nice.

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