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The U.S. Map Meme ...

OK ... so it looks like I've been to 38/51 states (plus D.C.) ... I suspect that I'm missing one or two (back in my P.R. days, I travelled quite a bit on business, and I just remembered a trip to Idaho, for instance, to Sun Valley) that I can't specifically recall visiting, I have driven through parts of a couple of these, but I figured that a stop at a Dennys isn't enough to say I've "been there"!

Now, a couple of these are "sorta cheating", as I've never stayed in South Dakota, but I did spend a day there, playing slots at an Inidan Casino and having lunch at a mall (in Sioux Falls ... we were vacationing in Pipestone, MN), so I guess it counts for "visiting" ... same thing for Iowa, I spent a day looking at Indian Mounds on the Iowa side of the river (just north of Dubuque, if I recall correctly), but was actually staying on the IL/WI side.

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