BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

today ...

Well, woke up in a deep funk ... was having bad dreams about not being able to remember things that I was trying to remember from my childhood ... ended up crying in the living room. Swell way to start the day. Had to take Daugther #2 to a birthday party today ... hers is next Saturday, so I got a taste of the chaos (we're expecting about as many kids as were at this one). I think I'm going to do up name tags.

I guess we're all under a lot of stress ... The Wife and The Girls spent most of the weekend screaming at each other. Daughter #1 and I got another couple of hours of packing stuff up at my Mom's place on Saturday before heading off for Dojo. Today was the first day that we had to cut a check for Daughter #2's daycare ... my Mom had been paying for that while I've been out of work ... that was sad and scary and sad some more.

The Wife came up with a suggestion that I'm going to check out ... the gal who sits next to her at work's husband works night shifts for the railroad ... she says it pays great and isn't the most stressful gig in the world. I was thinking that might work for the short term, as I'd just as well be up all night, I'd be able to be around for getting The Girls in and out of school, and I'd not be "intellectually exhausted" by my workday, and would be likely still able to edit books on the side. The Telepathic Media guys seem to be possibly turning Eschaton around already ... and if that starts making money, I might be able to go back to the book biz!

I got to watch the Superbowl pretty much uninterrupted (although I missed most of the scoring at the end of the 1st half while I ran downstairs to pick up burgers for dinner from the bar in front of our place). I can't wait for that Van Helsing movie ... the ad for it was one of the first during the game, and it sure got my attention! The Wife liked the farting horse ad the best ... go figure.

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