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One of the counter-intuitive things about my years of running Eschaton Books was that, in my 14-hour/day 7-day/week schedule I never had time to read anything that wasn't a manuscript submission. Now, I used to read 2-3 books a week back in my P.R. days, and this was always a frustration for me. Well, it took a while, but I'm finally back to reading a bit. I've got a "new system" going, where I have one book running in the middle bathroom, one book in the front bathroom, and one out in the living room ... so that pretty much any non-computer place that I'm likely to sit for any length of time has a book handy! I'd had a few books that I'd been "reading" for over a year that I've finally finished up, so I'm now into "all new" (if one can count them as "new", being pulled from a two-deep bookshelf of probably 100+ books that I've bought and not read over the past decade) books.

I just finished Philip Corso's The Day After Roswell (which I bought a week or so back on the strong suggestion of polaris93) today, which was a pretty quick read. Yesterday I finally finished Roger Schank's Tell Me A Story, which is a fascinating look at memory and intelligence, but something that I've been plowing through for well over a year. So, as of today I have three new books going ... Zen Physics: The Science of Death, the Logic of Reincarnation by David Darling, Treason by the incomparable Ann Coulter, and Breaking the Maya Code by Michael D. Coe ... and I'm already 20% through the first two.

Right now I'm considering a couple of job possibilities which would not be "think work" (since I can't seem to find any gigs in my previous modes, or in my new training) but would pay well, and be somewhat flexible. If I end up in one of these I suspect that I'll be running through books like crazy again, just to keep my brain active!

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