BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

bleh ...

Man ... I wonder if I'm ever going to have a normal sleep cycle again. I fell asleep at the keyboard earlier, probably getting 2-3 hours of "slump sleep", woke up and dragged off to bed, but once in bed I got locked into an "I have to do this, and this, and how am I going to get that done?" cycle, primarily with all the stuff I need to get done on my Mom's place. Of course, THAT then starts getting me sad and depressed, and suddenly I can't sleep. So, I got up and went to wrap some of Daughter #2's birthday presents (her birthday is next week, put her party is this Saturday). That done, I still couldn't sleep, so I'm back in here.

I think I'll move out to the living room and wrap up in a comforter with the Mayan Code book ... I figure a few pages of that and I'll be back asleep. I just wish I could just go to bed.

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