BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Whew ...

I had a close call, nearly losing one of my long-held domain names. had sort of "fallen through the cracks" with my main hosting service (it was one of many domains that were tied into a package deal) ... when they changed their systems a few years back, they "lost track" of the domain, and, although the WHOIS said it was there, they had no record of it. This December I got a note from Network Solutions saying that the domain had expired (with no previous warning), but by the time I was able to "pull the trigger" on re-upping it (you may recall that I've had "a lot of stuff on my plate" of late), it had fallen off into a limbo from which it would cost me $150 to extract it. They were, however, able to tell me when it was going to be available again (2/17 - yesterday). So, starting at midnight GMT, I was plugging the domain in over at my current favorite registrar waiting for it to show up. I tried various times overnight and into the morning yesterday, but still got "domain taken" with the WHOIS showing all my old info. So, a bit worried, I headed off to my Tuesday meeting (with the career folks) out in Hinsdale, hoping that nobody would grab it while I was out. I got back downtown around 2pm, with about an hour before I had to go collect Daughter #2 for her ballet class. I punched in the domain, and voila, there it was "available"! I quickly grabbed it, and as of today my new WHOIS info is showing up for it ... although it still hasn't processed all the way through so that I can point it at something other than the active-domain "under construction" page.

I was going to be VERY depressed if I ended up losing this ... nearly every other eschaton.??? domain has been registered over the years, and I'm sure the motherfucker who has (the late Terrence McKenna's business manager ... who has registered it, pointing to nothing, for the next nine years!) would have loved to have snatched my .org up just to jack me around (we have some unpleasant history around the domain ... which, even when McKenna was actively pushing the Time Wave Zero package, was never actually used by them). Anyway, it's a great relief to have that back!

I put together yet another LJ user pic today ... actually I did three versions of this, but this one was the least "maddening" (you should have seen the one that went negative-positive-negative-positive each frame!) of them. I'd have used it on this post, but I'll need to log out of the client (I'm still using the old Livejournal for Windows 1.4.6 program from '00) before it shows up on my list of options.

Isn't that swell? I was pleased that it came in at only 16k (for 27 animation frames), no doubt attributable to having it being in B&W and saving the images at "16 greys". I've tried to do other animations (back when I was building banners for my Unicity biz), but the file sizes kept getting out of hand, so it was nice to have this one so compact.

Like you care, eh?

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