BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Re-post from a comment elsewhere ....

ANA asked in her journal: "so what are your top ten reasons to live?
(no, i'm not depressed, i mean that in a happy way..what keeps ya going? )"

I posted the following there, but it was SO fucking on-target for right now, that I figured I'd re-post it here:


Wow ... trying to find 10 reasons is hard. You would think that after 30 years of writting morbid depressed poetry I would have either killed myself or gotten it out of my system, but I guess not. Especially how fucked up things have been financially of late, it's hard to make a list, since a lot of the stuff that WOULD be on this list if I was still making $100k/yr aren't available to me at the moment.

Well, let's start with the obvious:
1. Daughter #1
2. Daughter #2
3. My home.
4. Well, in the words of The Who's Behind Blue Eyes "My love is vengeance / That's never free" ... if I don't keep going I'll never have the revenge on the world that I so desperately need.

Damn ... that's about it ... everything else is something that I currently can't afford to indulge in, such as:
5. Fine cuisine.
6. International Travel.

Or some permutation of #4 such as:
7. Experiencing pain, defeat, and humiliation are better than being dead as they provide the fuel for the fires of my hatred, hatred that WILL eventually seed victory.
8. Living provides opportunities for learning, learning fuels growth, growth makes me stronger and better than others, being stronger and better than others, I will eventually win.
9. Seeing people that I loathe happy and stupid in their blind adherence to The Lie. This always gives me a reason to drag myself up off the floor and fight again.
10. Just being obstinate ... I will NOT accept the world being victorious.

Gee ... what a cheery exercise to start the day with. Bleh. Now I feel like writing some poetry!

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