BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Uh-Oh ...

OK ... unless I'm grossly mistaken, it looks like has followed in the footsteps of AOL and prevented remote linkage of graphics. Damn. This came to my attention when my little "-BTRIPP" graphic was not showing up in posts here. I poked around and found that the pages ON were present and accounted for and the graphics were showing up there just fine. However, every graphic I have on other pages that comes from the storage is AWOL. Motherfuckers.

OK, so I just ran off to WebLogImages to upgrade my account from the free one I've been using to their $2/month basic ... can't have that "hosted@" banner on my little signature, can we? Thank the Gods that WebLogImages are there, though ... since all the "big boys" are being such fucking crybabies about remote linkage. I mean, come on it's not like we're not paying for the storage space there! I think that this is the last nail in the coffin for my account ... if they're going to be cheap ass motherfuckers like this, I can just move that stuff over onto one of my other hosting accounts. Heck, I might even change our phone service to just to say a big "fuck you" to them!

Of course, now this means I'm going to need to run around changing the source of all those damn graphics. Piss me off! I guess I'll change at least the last few posts here by hand ... wasn't there going to be something where we could "globally" update pointers like that? I seem to recall something under discussion along those lines in one of the "official" L.J. communities.

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