BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

More fun with LJ user pics ...

OK, so having an "eye" picture is so cliché, but I really wanted one ... just never had a pic to work with. Well, last night was one of these quarterly pot-luck get-togethers at Daughter #2's daycare, and I brought along the digital camera ... getting bored with taking blurry pictures of 4-year-olds in motion, I decided to turn the cam on myself and try for a good eye pic. I shot a dozen or so pics of my face, but only had one decent (lighting, angle, stare, etc.) one to work with ... but that was good enough for the first of these two here.


But was I willing to let well enough alone? Nope! I got the idea of doing an "alien" version too ... sort of like the X-Files' "black oil" ... on a time delay so it can creep people out. Oh, what fun! Thank goodness that the GifWizard thing still exists out there, since my first version of this was 70k ... I edited it somewhat and then ran it through their thing and came up with one at an LJ-friendly 32k!

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