BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Music ...

You know how a while back I was getting folks' opinions on what CDs I should buy with a girft certificate to B&N? Well, I opened up the last of those last night. Big deal, right? Well ... the gift certificate was from my Mom ... and was the last "tangible" gift I was ever going to get from her. Over the years she'd moved more and more into giving me checks for birthdays and xmas, but she always wanted to have a "real gift" too, and this year I suggested a gift card that I could get some music with. So, I was slowly making my way through those CDs, knowing that when the last one was open, that was it. Now that it's "in my CD collection" there is a new big empty space in my heart ... no more gifts from my Mom. Another "never" to have to deal with.

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