BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,


Some days I just want to beat people to death with 2x4s ... I am trying to find out some information about a bunch of cookware that we just found in one of my Mom's closets ... it's made by a German company called Asta (there's a full set of it back there, and it looks like it never got used, since the "brand" stickers are still on several pieces) ... but EVERY damn search that I've tried to do to find out anything about this stuff leads off to the same damn page at a site called that has ZERO info about this and a "catalog" of other cookware that they're selling. Motherfuckers. If I wanted to BUY some cookware, I'd go fucking shopping, I just want some information, but link after link after link (which in the Google search appears to have something about the Asta line) ends up at the same place. If these shitheads think that I will ever buy anything from their god-damned web site they are SORELY mistaken. Piece-of-shit scum-bag operations like make the web a fucked up place ... they're the equivalent to spammers ... and MUST BE BEATEN! Damn it!

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